Jinhua HDA Key is one of the top largest manufacturers of car, home and special keys in East Asia. HDA is clearly identified by customers and final users as the best quality manufacturer in our business field. This leadership role in the economical and technological development of the Country is supported by the following bases.




Since its foundation, HDA built up a 6000 square meters pavilion over a 12000 square meters landscape. From design, were taken all previsions for our growth plan, where participated our best project engineers from Spanish Headquarters. The machinery and equipment have been carefully selected among local, Italian or Spanish manufacturers to ensure quality, low cost operation, high efficiency and long term reliability. On the topmost priority of this selection and planning, are placed the safety, convenience and comfort for our employees, customers and visitors. Our current capacity is 200 million keys per year, with possibilities to duplicate by the mid-term (1-3year)as market requirements.


Commercial and market



Our strong orientation to customers satisfaction, service and quality, positions our brand as the first choice for OEM, customized, replacement market, special designs, and since last year, the “high-standards” car industry companies. Our products variety allows us to offer a catalogue with more than 10,000 references. The most of them have minimum stocks always available to increase our customer service levels.


Research, development and continuous improvement


As part of our understanding of the dynamism that means competing in the Asian market, HDA invests significant efforts on being always several steps ahead of competitors. This daily research is by offering the best materials, the best techniques for manufacturing keys, innovative processes-solutions, continuous development of suppliers, and so on. Some of these achievements are gotten by cross-functional teams including our sister brands in the world, some others through hand-by-hand work with our OEM customers and suppliers.


Environmental friendship


All our successes would be meaningless if our activities wouldn’t consider this as a guideline. Our foundation is to integrate the best practices of the Western and Chinese cultures, taking care of the nature, efficiency in the use of energy and resources, a social responsibility with our community and employees. To conduct our business always in the legality is a mandatory attitude.


This is just an up-to-date brief description of our international-class company. As mentioned above, we understand the changing business where we are located. For this reason, we suggest you not to keep this as an eternal picture. We invite you to feel by person the warm of all our staff; including our professional sales team, our strict quality department, our smart technical office, our efficient financial guys or the hard-working production personnel, who will feel happy to take you around HDA’s daily life.